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Reliable Funeral and Cremation in Lewisburg, PA

Dale Ranck Cremation & Funeral Care works hard to provide you with an excellent, lasting tribute to your loved one. Since 1989, we have served generations of families with, respect and compassion. We offer the guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with any of our professional services or facilities, you will not be charged for that item of service. Contact us at 570-742-4561 or visit us at 125 N Front St Milton, PA 17847.

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It is not an easy time for anyone to lose a close family member or friend. And to be expected to plan a funeral service on top of that can be brutal. Let us help you with that unneeded stress and leave the planning process to us. You may not be used to planning a funeral or cremation service in Lewisburg, Pa, with just a few day’s notice, but we are. We know how vital this gathering is to you and your family, and we will not cut any corners. You can always rely on knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

When it comes to end-of-life services, every person and family is unique. Think about the personality of the loved one. How would they like to be laid to rest? What kind of program would they want to be honored? If there was no pre-planning set into place, then there could be clues that you glean from their personal journals. You can also ask family and close friends if they ever had a conversation with the deceased regarding their death.  

When you weigh the options of whether to go with a traditional burial or cremation, talk to several people in the family. Speak to the children of the deceased, asking if they would prefer a physical cemetery to visit the gravesite. Or if they don’t want to be tied to a specific place, they can choose to carry the ashes of their parent with them in keepsake jewelry. Getting the input of several loved ones will help make the right decision for your family. 

Funeral and Cremation Options in Lewisburg, PA 

As every person is unique, we offer several services to pay tribute to the deceased. As you read through each option, think about which service would best fit the person you love.  

  • Traditional Funeral and Burial: This may be the funeral with which you are most familiar. Your loved ones gather together to remember the deceased. The casket is there with you all to gather around. You can have speakers and music and a formal program. And then the coffin is buried at a cemetery.  
  • Cremation with Memorial Service: Cremation is a respected option to choose. Our staff is trained to be completely precise and respectful throughout the whole process. And when you have the ashes, you can choose to keep them in an urn or scatter them in an intimate ceremony. A memorial service can be the same as a funeral but without the casket present.
  • Celebration of Life: If a formal, sit-down event is not your vibe, you can have a celebration of life. Play music, serve food and drinks, and choose an outdoor venue. You can display favorite sports teams or hobbies of the deceased. And you can walk around, chatting and sharing stories of your shared loved one who passed away.
  • Veteran Services: For those who served our country in a military capacity or the fallen heroes who died on the job as a firefighter or police officer, we offer special services to honor their service.
  • Virtual Services: Large gatherings during a pandemic can look different. And we are up to the task of including everyone that wants to be there for the deceased. We have the technology to virtually broadcast any funeral or memorial from our facility.

Be sure that you are thinking of your loved one when planning a funeral and cremation in Lewisburg, PA. Many people attend end-of-life services looking for healing. They want to feel the presence of the life they came to honor there in the program. Everyone in attendance greatly appreciates any glimpse of the deceased that can be sprinkled throughout the event.  

Contact a Trusted Funeral Home to Start Planning 

It is never too early to start funeral or cremation planning. If your death is decades away, it is still valuable to sit down and write out preferences when it comes to the burial plot or urn you would prefer. Maybe you have a life motto you lived by that you would love to be included. Or you have specific pictures that you would love on the program. Meet with a trusted funeral director today and record it all for the future. Your family will be so thankful and freed from unneeded stress.  

Look no further for cremation and funeral services in Lewisburg, PA. Our expert team at Dale Ranck Cremation & Funeral Care is here to answer all of your questions and take the stress out of funeral planning. We are located at 125 N Front St Milton, PA 17847. You can come in to visit the office or schedule a virtual appointment. We will let you know all of the documents that are needed to start planning your end-of-life service. Call today at (570) 742-4561

Funeral & Cremation

How big should an urn be?

  • The general rule of thumb is that you would need one cubic inch of space for every pound of the person's total weight. So, if he weighed 150 lbs. You are going to need an urn that's 150 cubic inches or larger. Use this cremation urn size calculator to help you find the perfect cremation urn size. Learn More.

How much does the VA pay for a veteran’s funeral?

  • VA will pay up to $796 for burial and funeral expenses for deaths on or after October 1, 2019 (if VA is hospitalized at the time of death) or $300 for burial and funeral expenses (if VA is not hospitalized at the time of death) and $796 for incarceration (if not buried in the national cemetery). Learn More.

How long after death does a funeral occur?

  • A funeral is normally held about one or two weeks after death, but it can be longer if the funeral director has just a few days left, or if there is a death inquest. You may want your loved one to be buried as soon as possible, depending on their religious beliefs. Learn More.
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